Monday, 5 October 2009

Stilt Walking and Resin Collecting in Gascony

It says on the back of this postcard... "Les Landes de Gascogne - that is Gascony in France- Dans la forêt Landaise un jeune berger a secouru un petit agneau bien fatigué.'... The young shepherd has rescued a very tired little lamb from the forest.

The stilts were handy for walking quickly through marshy land (wet on top, but with a solid sand base below) and are featured on other postcards from Gascony. Other Gascony postcards feature pots collecting resin from trees, and if you look beside the young shepherd that is also featured here. So on this one I get both Gascony specialities together. Possibly twenty years old but difficult to date.

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  1. Lamb looks comfy. Such a strange, yet warm, moment caught.