Sunday, 7 August 2011

Pillar Box Needed in Bad Weather

We have just been away on our holidays in the Yorkshire Dales where I did hope to send daily postcards to this blog, but had no internet connection. (Maybe a blessing in disguise.) I bought this card on the first day in an Antique Fair for £1.50 . I went for the local 'Yorkshire' picture, but on browsing the message on the back was even more pleased with the purchase ...

"Dear H. Write us a line this week if only a P.C. as they are testing this route if there is a certain amount of letters they are going to put a pillar box near us which will be very convenient especially in bad weather. Hope all are well love from A W"

How many other P.C.'s did A W send out that week and did he get the needed pillar box back in 1909?

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